Comparison with Intel GMA of Larrabee (microarchitecture) Top 7 Facts

Comparison with Intel GMA of Larrabee (microarchitecture) Top 7 Facts

Facts : 1 Comparison with Intel GMA Intel currently integrates a line of GPUs onto motherboards under the Intel GMA brand Facts : 2 These chips are not sold separately but are integrated onto motherboards (newer versions, such as those released with Sandy Bridge, are incorporated onto the same die as the CPU) Facts : 3 Though the low cost and power consumption of Intel GMA chips make them suitable for small laptops and less demanding tasks, they lack the 3D graphics processing power to compete with Nvidia and AMD/ATI for a share of the high-end gaming computer market, the HPC market, or a place in popular video game consoles Facts : 4 In contrast, Larrabee was to be sold as a discrete GPU, separate from motherboards, and was expected to perform well enough for consideration in the next generation of video game consoles Facts : 5 The hardware was designed by a newly formed team at Intel s Hillsboro, Oregon site, separate from those that designed the Nehalem Facts : 6 The 3D stack specifically was written by developers at RAD Game Tools (including Michael Abrash) Facts : 7 The Intel Visual Computing Institute will research basic and applied technologies that could be applied to Larrabee-based products


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