Do Not Buy from Lukie Games – DSi XL Refurbished from Lukie Games Review & Unboxing

#Buy DSi XL: This is an Nintendo DSi XL Midnight Blue Unboxing Which is an Seller Refurbished By Lukie Games. But I Bought the the Refurbished DSi XL from eBay and Here is the Link: I Paid $69 for the DSi XL and $10 for Shipping But Still This $80 DSi XL is Not Worth from Lukie Games. First It Do Not Have DS Stylus and DSi XL Pen and The Condiation of the DSi XL is Very Bad, I Really Mean it. I Will Be Asking for the Refund from Lukie Games Because They Deceive Me it Will Be a Seller Refurbished Handheld Console But it is Used and All Paint from DSi XL is Peeling Off. DSi XL vs 2DS / DSi XL vs New 3DS XL for DS Games: And You Will Be Wondring Why I Had Bought the DSi XL Over the 2DS or the New 3DS XL Because Playing Original DS Games on 2DS, 3DS or New 3DS XL Give Bad Picture Quality and DS Games are Best Played on the Native Resolution. Its Much Better to Play DS Games on DS Lite or DSi XL Rather than Playing on Nintendo 3DS. Finding a New Seal Nintendo DSi XL is Very Even on eBay So I Opt for the Refurbished Nintendo DSi XL But In Return I Get Worst Used DSi Xl. Lukie Games is Not Legit Because They are Scamming , Please Don’t Ever Buy from Lukie Games and I Will Never Ever Order Any Another Item from Lukie Games. Stay Away from Lukie Games They are Not Worth it. Subscribe for More Refurbished Products Unboxing Videos. #1. Build Nintendo 3DS Games #2. PS Vita 1000 Silicone Unboxing #3. Sony DSC-WX500 Unboxing Ask Me Question at Professor Ramay Channel: My Website


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