Elsa Cooking Spaghetti BEST GAMES FOR KIDS

Elsa Cooking Spaghetti BEST GAMES FOR KIDS

Hello little girl! Do you like cooking? You land in the right place. The beautiful Ice Queen, Frozen Elsa, wants to cook spaghetti. She needs your help. You need to prove your chef skills, because you will be the masterchef of her kingdom. This is special recipe of spaghetti carbonara: first of all you need to boil the spaghetti, then slice the bacon, hammer a piece of butter, fry the bacon, you need to use sour cream, salt and eggs, then grate the parmesan and at the end mix all the ingredients. That is all. This is a quick and tasty recipe for spaghetti. It is a real recipe for cooking. So, you can tell =============================== IF YOU LIKE YOUR VIDEO PLEASE SUBSCRIBE :) https://goo.gl/nmzxwU =============================== Play this game here! http://goo.gl/Lf9l48


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