Five of the Best Cancelled Star Wars Games | 1k Subscribers Milestone

What are the best canceled Star Wars games? Over the years some brilliant Star Wars games have been cancelled before getting finished. Heres my five of the best canceled Star Wars video games. Battle of the Sith Lords Red Fly were given zero direction with the cancelled Darth Maul Star Wars game other than the title, and the fact that it would be about Darth Maul and potentially Darth Talon. In 2015, Dan Borth confirmed in a Reddit AMA that Red Fly are going to re-option an updated Darth Maul Star Wars game to EA. Star Wars Imperial Commando If you saw my top Star Wars PC games, youll know I rate Republic Commando. The canceled sequel game, Star Wars Imperial Commando, was due to be set around the time of Order 66, with Delta Squad tracking down and exterminating the remains of the Jedi. Star Wars KotoR III Probably the most hotly-discussed game in the Star Wars fandom is Knights of the Old Republic. Knights of the Old Republic 3 was in its early stages when LucasArts hit one of their infamous roadbumps (possibly related to the obvious rushing out of KotOR 2), which led to Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 3 being cancelled. Star Wars Battlefront 3 Star Wars Battlefront 2 was an absolute game-changer. LucasArts never actually confirmed that Battlefront 3 was in production. Battlefront 3 took over two years to complete and ran massively over budget. LucasArts canceled Star Wars Battlefront 3 in late 2008. Star Wars 1313 1313 was due to be a stonker. The game looked like Star Wars: Uncharted and I for one was champing at the bit to have a play. Star Wars 1313 got cancelled around the Disney buyout to pave the way for Episode VII and the new raft of content that naturally accompanies such a thing.


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