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Live: How To Monetize YouTube Videos Q&A – Music, Movies, Video Games – Winning On YouTube #2

Part 2 – We end the #WinningOnYouTube Live series with everyone’s favorite topic, [How To Monetize YouTube Videos] Or more specifically [How To Monetize Gaming Videos]. This is your chance to ask me all your monetization questions live and in person. For the better part of two years, I’ve been coaching gamers and other youtubers on how to start, build, grow and monetize their YouTube channels while avoiding content id claims and avoiding copyright strikes. Keep in mind that I am not a lawyer, so I am not qualified to give you legal advice. All of my commentary about monetizing videos will be pure experiential and repeating what YouTube has taught me to the best of my ability to remember it. It’s been fun, everyone. I hope to see you all in the YouTube Gamers Academy someday! ——————————————— ALLOY SEVEN RESOURCES: ——————————————— Subscribe To Alloy Seven – YouTube Gamer’s Survival Guide Ebook – YouTube Gamers Academy – Alloy Seven Website – Alloy Seven Library – Gaming Channel FAQ – ————————————————– CONNECT WITH ALLOY SEVEN ————————————————– Periscope – TheSecondLetter Merekat – TheSecondLetter Twitter – G+ – Instagram – AlloySeven A7 – If you have questions about how to start, build and grow a successful YouTube Gaming Channel, check out our FAQs – Join our Mailing List for Weekly Recaps – Join Our Online Gaming Community –


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