My INSANE DS Game Collection – The Command Center

My INSANE DS Game Collection – The Command Center

In This Video: I own a TON of DS/DSi/3DS, and Vita titles and this is how I store them. There are over 600 games in this video. There is a constantly updated list at this URL. I have their boxes and inserts stored separately. One of these days, I’ll find a container large enough to combine the Treasure Box (GB/GBC/GBA/VB), the two loose boxes of storage (PSP/Lynx/NGPC/Game Gear/Game.Com), and the Command Center (DS/3DS/DSi/Vita) into one massive storage item. We also hope to eventually get a New 3DS Capture Kit, so we can start streaming footage of these games! #StorageCenter #MyDSCollection #NoItIsNotForSale DMG Ice Area DMG Radio DMG StreetPass Aurora Animation is Art Patreon Facebook Twitter: Main Site Twitter: StreetPass Aurora Twitter: Animation is Art Tumblr Instagram Pinterest Google Plus Flickr Miiverse: Against… Miiverse: Zurui… Plurk


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