Nintendo DSi XL Review #1 | Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron!

This is my very first Nintendo DSi XL review! I really hope you guys enjoyed it! I do not jave a screen recorder so I will use my ordinary camera for now. Better quality in the future though. FOLLOW ME! Twitter: @Rex8D Crafters Amino: @YT | Tiger Rex 8D Shou.TV: CaptainRexGaming Remember to subscribe! Hopefully you guys enjoyed the video! I came back from a little break because of school. Although, I’m back in the making of videos! Remember to like and comment, don’t forget to subscribe. Tutorials on animations coming soon and I’ll communicate with you all next time! BYE!!!!! All rights go to LucasArts and music goes to John Williams. I do not own any of the music you hear in the background. I do not claim to be the owner or creator of the game. I only own the game in bought purposes.


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