Nunchuk Remote Controller Attachment For Nintendo Wii

Nunchuk Remote Controller Attachment For Nintendo Wii

THIS LASTED TWO WEEKS IT STOPPED WORKING, YES IT WASN’T EXPENSIVE BUT SURELY IT SHOULD A LOT LONGER THAN WEEKS. WE GOT A WITH OUR WHICH IS WORKING PERFECTLY WITH HINDSIGHT ITS BEST TO BUY BRANDED RATHER CHEAP was well pleased with the of this when i orded it only worked about a and then it wouldnt detect on the consol, recomend spend the bit extra and get an original! I have had this device 6 months and have found it very reliable. It attaches very easily to the and gives good responses to movement. I recommend it. Had problems with one of the buttons. Bought direct from afterwards. Couldn’t be bothered with “another bargain” that cost me more haven’t had a with the so far, it’s great. It came super early the estimated date. Don’t waste your disgrace. expected a longer. took ages to receive and now does my grandsons to play together…not impressed seems to have an issue sticking making character walk down. Only just happened The was what I ordered. a I though. Doesn’t properly. It works some of the directions. A of Product reviews information price: CC Attribution:


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