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PC vs Console: Why the Hate? | Game/Show | PBS Digital Studios

Games have always been a favorite pastime not just that of the children but adults as well. While earlier there were the hand held video games and the console, the time today is that of the Playstation and the motion sensitive consoles like the Kinect and Xbox. However, one area where the games have always been there and are there to stay are the PC games. Any comparison between games on handheld devices or consoles and the PC would be in favor of the latter as the computers are machines that can be upgraded as per the requirements of the game. Here we compare whether PC games are better than console games or not.


Hardware plays an important role when games are compared between the PC and the consoles. The consoles like Xbox 360 and Playstation have the same hardware that they had when they were newly launched. Little has changed on the hardware aspect for these consoles except a few minor changes like that of motion sensitivity. While on the other hand, PC games on PCs have undergone a sea change. The hardware of the computers can be upgraded as and when required according to the requirement of the game. Some games look better on PCs than on consoles.

Range of Games

There is a much wider range of games that can be played on the PC than on the consoles. The games developed for the console are limited and therefore, the gaming freaks find it better to play games on the PC. One can find several genres of PC games while the range is limited for the console games.

Better Control

Games like the First Person Shooter and other genres have been developed around keyboard and mouse control. Therefore, shooter gamers are better controlled when played on a PC rather than a console. While some people may argue in favor of the analogue control sticks of the consoles, they can always be plugged on to a PC and played with. Therefore, PC games still fare better than the console games.


Cost plays an important factor in the choice of games one likes to play. While the PC games are much affordable, the console games are expensive and can be bought in moderation. Moreover, with the availability of the free downloads from the internet, PC gaming is surely a better proposition, at least for the simple and uncomplicated games. More advanced and complicated games need to be bought but they are offered on good discounts by most of the websites.

Ease of Use

The PC games are no doubt easy to use than the console games. There was definitely a time when the PC games were said to be difficult to play with the many controls and keys to be remembered. But as more games have been developed, they have been made easier to play on the PC.

Therefore, it can be said that PC games are better than console games in most respects. They are the best and the most cost effective way to wriggle out of a stressed routine.

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