PS4 – NOW TESTING – Launch Trailer

For the first time in its history, Sony is planning to launch a new console on the same day as Xbox’s release and it has done what no one ever thought of doing before. It has built an official PS4 Launch Trailer for the launch that will be released in theaters across the country at the same time as the consoles themselves.

The official PS4 Release Trailer that was shown at E3 actually had more content than what we have seen in the trailer you are currently watching. We actually know a little bit more about what we are getting into than what we did when Sony debuted their newest system.

The thing that I found interesting about this was that it showed a pre-launch console that looks identical to the one that is being shown at this event, but at the same time, Sony is making a big deal out of the fact that they have only just recently released this new machine. They are showcasing an actual gaming console that has been around for months, but they are going to show an official PS4 Launch Trailer which just recently came out and that is so cool.

The only problem with this is that the PS4 is still weeks away from being released and in a sense, that is not really telling us anything at all because the product that Sony has created is already available and most people have already bought into it. There is really no other way to look at this.

I will say that I am not too worried about it since I am not sure how Sony was able to get this right as far as the console itself, but they are taking the PS4 to a different level with the launch trailer and this is something that I think is a very big deal. No other company has ever done this before and I am not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing.

When we saw the actual launch of the Xbox at E3, we got it the same way we saw the original Xbox. We were able to see and test games from Microsoft right before the launch of the machine itself and you could never see that before.

The PS4 has seen the same thing with the official PS4 Launch Trailer and we know that this has only just recently been introduced to the public. This is a huge opportunity for them and they are taking full advantage of it.

Some may be wondering why Sony would want to take this approach rather than letting their competitor market this system and they should be wary of this, because they are going to do this with every other system that comes along, including the PSP. After all, this is a fighting game and I am not sure why you would not want to show off this type of thing?

There are other things that Sony has planned, but the launch trailer is the first step in the next phase of their marketing campaign and this is an important one. It gives them credibility that they have never had before and it is a very aggressive move on their part.

In fact, I am very excited for the PlayStation 4 because I am looking forward to being able to play online and I am very sure that the PS4 is going to be great. When they announced it, I was very skeptical because I just never saw the benefit of an online gaming system and I was not even sure that we would have one in our future.

But, I will tell you now that it is very exciting and I hope that there will be lots of games done with this and that it will make me enjoy gaming on a much deeper level than I have been able to with the use of a GPS. I will be looking forward to this new device, and I am also very curious to see if it is going to be on par with the likes of the Xbox360 and Wii.

It is really exciting to see this new console to get the media attention that it is getting and this is actually pretty nice for them since it shows that they are finally getting the recognition that they have deserved for a long time. It is really great that they are willing to take the initiative like this and I am glad that they are putting their money where their mouth is and are going to be able to market the PS4 properly.

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