Star Wars/Game of Thrones Parody FANCOVER Obi Wan’s Lament (Lyrics and Singing by Christimuse188)

So even though I just learned this song two days ago I already came up with a Star Wars Parody version of it. This is my Obi Wan’s Lament Parody song based on Talia’s Song from the Game of the Thrones Video Game. Hope you enjoy. I’m not very experienced with making music videos. I own nothing but my voice. Star Wars belongs to Disney, Lucasfilm and all its other rightful owners. Game of Thrones Video Game belongs to TellTale Games and all its other rightful owners. This FANCOVER was made for fun and nonprofit reasons only. No copyright infringement intended. Lyrics From Dark and Light A war was born And still it rages on Friend and Brother I swore my life and trusted you in vain I failed to see the fear and pain that drove you to your doom Your gaze it burned with all your hate Your words they cut deep into me And as you fell cursing my name I cursed myself as well Now you are Anakin no more The blame is mine alone Yet still I dare kindle a hope Though it burns dimly still My Friend My Son! My Padawan! Abandon all your hate! Return to light anew!


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