Stupid Console Peasant Quotes – The Red Dragon Edition – EP #32 [PC Master Race Entertainment]

In this episode of Stupid Console Peasant Quotes, the show for the eloped nobility of the PC master race, I showcase a peasant who I don’t think is a real console peasant at heart, but rather some misguided hybrid race. He still is a good fit for Stupid Console Peasant Quotes because he basically published yet another ‘PC GAMING IS DYING’ video. As if we didn’t have enough of those over the course of the last twenty years. TRIGGER WARNING: this particular episode is very focused on facts, and not very much focused on mockery. Link to the original video: Article about record PC gaming growth: NPD Study: Gamespot Article about NPD Study: MOBILE GAMES OVERTAKE CONSOLE GAMES: ————————————- If you want to get deeper involved in the THaC community, you should register at our forum: You should also join our Teamspeak 3 server to chill with fellow top hatters, or to use it as a voice server for your gaming adventures: ————————————- Support Top Hats and Champagne on Patreon: Follow Top Hats and Champagne on Ask Top Hats and Champagne anything: Follow Top Hats and Champagne on twitter: Join the Top Hats and Champagne steam group: Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:


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