BARBEQUE!! The Very Organized Theif

BARBEQUE!! The Very Organized Theif

Game:… Dear Indie Game Makers, I’m ewarrior02, as you might already know, and believe it or not I’m s game developer myself. I many times I have tried to make a single person project, never succeeding. Then I started working on this game that I hoped would be really fun, but sometimes people just don’t understand how hard it is to make a good video game all by yourself. Before I tried to make games I used to be one of those people, but now I changed. I am devoting this channel to promoting games like yours as much as I can. I will always tell my viewers that a link to your game will be in the description and to always leave a like. If you want me to promote your game ask me in the discussion section or comments, you’ll have a high chance of your channel having a promotion video. If you awesome game makers subscribe then that means more people shall see my videos and more people might download your games. Thank you for being awesome, ewarrior02


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