Brazil’s most cinematic video game

Brazil’s most cinematic video game

Published on May June 5, 2015 I’ve never played a more cinematic video game in my life. Playing it felt as if some film makers who’ve had enough of Hollywood decided to make their next project into a game. The developers (Swordtales) evidently put a lot of effort into the storytelling, art and poetry, making the gameplay a first person experiencer with puzzles and mystery (and reminds me a lot of Tomb Raider, though in a different time period.) Available for download on Steam, Toren is for the puzzle solver in you, with rich graphics in what looks like master watercolor paintings wrapped in 3D. It isn’t terribly difficult to play and follows a single storyline, but before you buy it, be sure your computer is at least semi-modern and can handle 3D graphics. PS: If you’re a hardcore gamer, you’re going to hate this game. PPS: Artists, cinema goers and casual players will love it. More information: Toren: Download on Steam: Created by Young Jeohn In partnership with


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