Bulldozer Videos | Construction Vehicles | Car Wash


Bulldozer Videos | Construction Vehicles | Car Wash

DOWNLOAD OUR NEW CONSTRUCTION TRUCK WASH GAME FOR FREE: http://onelink.to/kghsqt DOWNLOAD OUR CANDY CAR WASH GAME FOR FREE: http://onelink.to/acecud Candy Carwash is a fun car wash simulator that teaches kids about the various stages of washing a car! Features: – Learn about logical reasoning and deduction through a fun, hands on, carwash simulator – Earn and redeem candy each time you complete a car wash to unlock new cars! – Enjoy a total of 96 different car and colour combinations for hours of gameplay – Customise your car with stickers after the car wash is complete – Draw on and around your washed, waxed and customised car for some more creative fun! – Take pictures of your drawings to share with your friends and family! Embark on a fun, interactive carwash simulator that promotes: – Logical reasoning and deduction through organised use of cleaning tools! – Creativity and imagination through customisation and the ability to DRAW on and around your final car!


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