CANCELLED VIDEO GAMES: Stargate SG-1 The Alliance (PS2, XBOX & PC) 2005

CANCELLED VIDEO GAMES: Stargate SG-1 The Alliance (PS2, XBOX & PC) 2005 Stargate SG-1: The Alliance is an action-adventure-puzzle developed for the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 2. Originally scheduled for a fourth quarter 2005 release, the game has been cancelled due to a falling out and legal dispute between Australian developer Perception (who originally secured the Stargate license from MGM) and Austrian game publisher JoWooD. The publisher accused the developer of failing to meet its quality standards, and the game was never completed. In the game, players control Jack O’Neill, Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson, and Teal’c (circa Season Eight) in new missions to save the galaxy. Anubis is on the move, scouring the galaxy for that which can grant him immeasurable power. The game also introduces an advanced new alien enemy to the Stargate universe, the Haaken. The evil Anubis is on the move and Stargate Command is preparing for battle. His fleet has been plundering huge regions of space and conquering worlds in search of a powerful artifact that holds the power to overthrow the universe. General Jack O’Neill and the other members of the Stargate SG-1 team must transport to vast alien outposts to locate the ancient artifact before Anubis. Explore bizarre and beautiful alien worlds and come face-to-face with the Jaffa, Ree’tou, Haakan and other dangerous alien nations that populate the Stargate SG-1 universe. Earth’s fate depends on it! FEATURES: *In-depth and compelling story which enhances and completes the entire Stargate universe into one unique Sci-Fi masterpiece *Play as your favorite SG-1 team member General O’Neall, Teal’C, Daniel, Col. Carter, and more *16 challenging and complex missions utilize brute force, stealth, hacking, rune deciphering to survive *Co-operative campaign for up to four players Players either split up to accomplish specific tasks or team support by controlling strategic positions *High quality dialogue starring the original cast of the SG-1 TV show *Command a huge arsenal of devastating alien weapons, armored vehicles and utility devices *Unique multi-player modes for enhanced replay value Death Match, Team Death Match, Jaffa, Enslave, Last Man Standing and many more *Downloadable content and map editor to create fan maps For more information, please visit:


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