Clash of Kings TV Commercial – Winifred Phillips – Composer

Clash of Kings TV Commercial – Winifred Phillips – Composer

This is a television ad for Clash of Kings – a popular real-time strategy game for Android and iOS. Clash of Kings is one of the top-grossing mobile games in the world, downloaded over 65 million times worldwide. In Clash of Kings, players build kingdoms, compete to gather the most resources, join alliances and fight other cities in awesome combat across epic battlefields. The music for this Clash of Kings television ad campaign was composed by award-winning video game composer Winifred Phillips, best known for her music for Assassin’s Creed Liberation, Total War Battles: Kingdom, God of War, and the LittleBigPlanet franchise, among many others. Phillips, along with her award-winning music producer Winnie Waldron, created the thunderous orchestral and choral music that adds drama to this Clash of Kings television ad showing a warrior princess in an epic universe of conflict. For her work as a game composer, Phillips has won an Interactive Achievement Award / D.I.C.E. Award from the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, three Hollywood Music in Media Awards, six Game Audio Network Guild Awards, three Global Music Awards, an IGN Best Score Award, a GameSpot Best Music Award, a GameZone Score of the Year Award, a GameFocus Award, and three Gracie Awards from the Alliance of Women in Media. The famous South Korean television personality Hani stars in this first Asian television marketing campaign for Clash of Kings. Hani, a superstar with a huge fan base in South Korea, is seen in fantasy chainmail on a futuristic foreign planet in this new commercial for the video game Clash of Kings.


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