Composer makes song in memorial of his Dad (Father’s Day)

Composer makes song in memorial of his Dad (Father’s Day)

*Download links at bottom of description* It’s finally about time. Today, Father’s Day, is the release of my mini-album (EP) that I have been working on over the span of two years, and as of late, in-between working on video game soundtracks. The EP is called, “Father’s Day”, and it is actually in memory of my dad who lost a battle with lung cancer last year… It’s a video that I think everyone can relate to, whether you lost a mom, dad, another loved one, or to help people realize how important it is to not take anything or anyone for granted, and enjoy being with that person before it’s too late. I just wish my dad was here to see everything that I’ve done and it saddens me to know that he can’t. He truly is my number one fan. People… just remember that this is what Father’s Day is truly about. If anything, this makes me realize how much it means to miss your father, and understand how much of an inspiration he was to you. Make sure that you give your dad the best Father’s Day he could ask for. This is my gift to him. He was a man’s man. He loved hockey and football, and he loved watching his old western movies. He served in the United States Army in the Big Red One, first infantry division. He also loved watching his army and military movies. He loved martial arts and always tried to get me into karate (Well, at least I got to a purple belt). This guy taught me much of what I know today, and if there’s one thing he taught me out of anything, it’s never stop going. “A Wilson never gives up”. I take that saying everywhere I go, and it’s how I got to the video game industry. He really taught me to go for your dream, even if it means taking risks. I promised my father I would never give up and that I would not stop with my music. That is a promise I can never forget. I had a dog tag made in memorial of my father that even has some of his ashes in it, and I wear it around my neck every day. I will wear it until the day I die. As far as the new EP goes: There’s a bunch of variety in my mini-album. Some progressive metal, some rock, some dubstep, some electronic-industrial, and some cinematic piano compositions. I really hope you can take a look at my EP and let me know what you think! Thank you very much and have a great Father’s Day! – Mickey Wilson DOWNLOAD LINKS: CD Baby: Amazon MP3: Google Play: iTunes:


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