Digital Life Highlights Next Generation Games

Digital Life Highlights Next Generation Games

HEADLINE: Digital Life Highlights Next Generation Games ————————————— CAPTION: Video game makers show off their upcoming hits, or misses, in New York. (Oct. 17) —————————————- SCRIPT: [Notes:ANCHOR VOICE] There’s a clear trend in video games and consoles hitting store shelves for this holiday season: less concentration on game play, and more on life-like graphics, that can only fully be appreciated on a high definition television or monitor. Last month Sony released NBA Oh-Seven, a game tied to the new Sony Playstation Three, which is scheduled to come out in November, though the company has had some well-publicized production delays. ((FONT: Cory Lewis, Sony)) “Part of the cell processor is dedicated to actually modeling the way the physics of their clothing and the way they move and it creates a very realistic world.” Another game tied to the release of the new Playstation is a first-person shooter game, called “Resistance Follow Man,” in which players fight aliens during World War Two. One of the new graphically-rich games for the X-Box 360 is “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07,” an update over last year’s model, in which you can really see the concentration on the golfer’s face. Sega is touting the new graphics on one of it’s trademark characters, Sonic the Hedgehog. ((FONT: Don Mesa, Sega)) “The movement, even Sonic’s shape himself, is completely re-defined so his space, his world, his existence is much cooler than you’ve ever seen him before.” There’s also a new “Final Fantasy,” game coming out in North America for the holiday season. The game’s maker says the graphics are the best yet in the long-running game series. Nintendo is taking a different strategy with its new “wee” console, set to be released next month — with a lower price and simpler play, they hope to attract new people into video game playing. Overall, experts are expecting record sales over the next few months. ((FONT: Lance Ulanoff, Consumer Electronics Expert)) “This is what everyone who is young to old do, on these computers and consoles do all the time and we’re heading into the key season for it.” Year-to-date sales are already up 11 percent over this time last year. In New York, Ted Shaffrey, The Associated Press. You can license this story through AP Archive: Find out more about AP Archive:


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