DSi Exclusive Games – Complete Collection! | Nintendrew

DSi Exclusive Games – Complete Collection! | Nintendrew

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Did you know the Nintendo DSi had a small set of exclusive titles which would not work on the standard DS hardware? In this video, I’ll showcase my DSi collection and we’ll check out some gameplay footage. Thanks for watching!

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Amanda CimarossaPosted on11:50 pm - Apr 21, 2018

Pokémon heart gold and soul silver are exclusive to the dsi because it wouldn’t load on my original ds that I had and it work perfectly fine on my dsi

Gangster HamsterPosted on12:28 am - Apr 22, 2018

Isn't there a icarly dsi game somewhere? I remember seeing one at Walmart when I was a kid a couple years ago

slut 4 jesusPosted on12:45 am - Apr 22, 2018

I had so much fun in flipnote studio. I don't know why they couldn't have incorporated in into the 3ds, or even a separate game. I wouldn't have minded paying for it either cause it was fun and really easy to make animations on there.

rafael branquinhoPosted on1:34 am - Apr 22, 2018

I have pokemon black

Anime FreakPosted on1:49 am - Apr 22, 2018

i had a dsi exclusive game but it is not on this list. i dont even remember the games name. It was a really hard game…

VideoGameFranticsPosted on2:36 am - Apr 22, 2018

I knew about one of them, because it came with my brothers dsi he got 5 years ago

The Humble Hero791Posted on2:50 am - Apr 22, 2018

I have photo showdown

mcsquidward33Posted on2:59 am - Apr 22, 2018

i have the nintendo gamecube retail disk and it's in perfect condtion

Theon _Posted on3:12 am - Apr 22, 2018

ha wer in Europe became also exclusivs take that USA and Japan sorry but i cant hold it to say that becous wer become not so many exclusivs

Blossomie ProductionsPosted on3:14 am - Apr 22, 2018

I remember my first console was a dsi. I never owned any of these games, but they still give me nostalgia.

BronwynPosted on4:09 am - Apr 22, 2018

Most DS games are about £30 in the U.K. when they come out (doesn’t matter what they are, but usually Nintendo’s own games stay at the high price. I paid £35 for the much better Animal Crossing: New Leaf when it came out.

Mystical LatiasPosted on5:02 am - Apr 22, 2018

Why don't u have a EU dsi?

Egriff123Posted on5:43 am - Apr 22, 2018

wasn’t there a warioware game for the dsi?

Rob WillettPosted on6:34 am - Apr 22, 2018

What about the Korg DS-10 Plus? I thought they had a physical release as well?

RadicalEdward37Posted on7:25 am - Apr 22, 2018

The more i watch of this guy, the more i like him.

RadicalEdward37Posted on7:38 am - Apr 22, 2018

I never actually saw any dsi exclusive games in it's lifespan but that might be because nintendo was so ashamed they quietly pulled them, At least that's what i hope happened.

Minecraft _fanPosted on8:04 am - Apr 22, 2018


Drawn To Ice HockeyPosted on8:55 am - Apr 22, 2018

I remember seeing face training in the shops when the DSi came out. I thought it looked weird. Always wondered what it was.

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