Guardians of the Galaxy

How Guardians of the Galaxy Should Have Ended?

The premise of the film, a Marvel Studios production, is simple: Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) finds himself in the middle of an epic battle between the forces of good and evil, as the Guardians of the Galaxy face an epic quest across the universe. In the end, one of the villains is killed, leaving the Guardians to battle for survival against the forces of cosmic destruction!

A film as popular as this would be expected to be seen by children, as many superheroes have been. As such, it is only appropriate that this type of movie is seen by young minds. But the question is, how well does the film hold up for a “younger” audience?

On the surface, this film may seem like social commentary, and maybe even an allegory for politics. But in reality, the actual storyline of the film is rather confusing. What’s more, the actual plot doesn’t match up with what happens in the movie at all.

In a modern age, where global warming is an everyday concern, the Guardians might seem less than scientific. There is also no real explanation for the existence of the villainous Thanos. Indeed, the movie’s ending may not be entirely understandable. But since there is a reason for every story, why is there so much confusion?

Because the filmmakers were taking a strong stance against political correctness, their movies tend to offend. In fact, this seems to be the same dilemma that Universal faced when they made “The Mummy” (a monster movie featuring a man who was based on King Tut) in 1996. Of course, the Egyptian-American population still felt that the film went too far in its portrayal of Ancient Egypt.

Today, of course, Hollywood has learned that it’s much easier to make a movie and then let the censors decide whether or not to allow it into the marketplace. To be fair, the movie had a better story line, as many of the characters in the Guardians of the Galaxy are scientists, astronauts, etc. But it was a battle, and Universal lost. This was especially so with “The Mummy,” where the film received quite a bit of backlash from the group representing Egyptian interests.

It’s not difficult to see how we get ourselves into these problems with cinema becomes so confusing. In truth, the stories we are seeing play out now are probably inevitable. Even as a young child, I could understand most of the origin stories for Superheroes, as I had been reading comic books and watching the adventures of the Superman and Spiderman characters.

But, as an adult, my understanding has become much more limited. Because of the nature of the Internet, most parents feel they can provide their kids with any story they want to read or watch. In truth, kids today are becoming much more connected than I ever imagined. They may not realize it yet, but they are witnessing a progression in cinematic trends.

The television sets are becoming smaller, making the content easier to watch, and younger viewers are being given the chance to experience the newest games as well. From this point of view, it really is no wonder that kids are gravitating towards the latest and greatest. It’s not surprising that this doesn’t always give the adult audience a clear picture of what is going on.

So, when the series ends, it will be important to revisit the story, but how Guardians of the Galaxy should have ended? If you agree with the film’s storyline, you’ll probably agree that the film followed the rules, as it follows the rules laid out by Marvel Studios.

But if you want to know how Guardians of the Galaxy should have ended, then perhaps this is your chance. Read the reviews and stay tuned, as it is coming soon!

Perhaps we will see another Guardians of the Galaxy film before long and one which is not directed by James Gunn, but written by his brother Alex. This would be great, as this is a new take on the concept, but it would still carry with it the unique characteristics of the original Marvel Comics, which is a great starting point to begin at.

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