“Robotnikclaus 1.999” GAME DOWNLOAD & LET’S PLAY CONTEST

“Robotnikclaus 1.999” GAME DOWNLOAD & LET’S PLAY CONTEST

DOWNLOAD THE GAME HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/download/447au6o3ugomlac/Robotnikclaus_1.999-1.0-all.zip Let’s Play Contest: Record yourself playing Robotnikclaus 1.999! At the end of each month for 2016, we will make a compilation of the best let’s plays of the game and upload it here for all to see. We will link to your YouTube video and your channel as well. To submit your let’s play, comment here or e-mail mugicartoons@gmail.com with the link. It can be in multiple parts, or all in one go. Only one submission per user allowed each month. We hope you guys have fun, and enjoy this midquel that takes place between Robotnikclaus 1 & 2.


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