SKYLANDERS Giants Game Figures Giveaway #89: Chill, Hex, Prism Break Lightning Rod & Drill Sergeant

SKYLANDERS Giants Game Figures Giveaway #89: Chill, Hex, Prism Break Lightning Rod & Drill Sergeant

These SKYLANDERS GIANTS Figures are amazing. For Giveaway in 1 month, we have Skylanders Giants Box Set of Prism Break, Lightning Rod, and Drill Sergeant. We are also throwing in 2 additional boxed Skylanders Giants Characters that can be used in the game called Hex and Chill. They’re really heavy, look the part and as either stand alone figures to collect or game pieces to use via the Skylander Portal Of Power and Giants Game, these Figures made by Activision are real winners in our book. Each of us had a different one that we chose as our favorite in appearance as well as personality and game performance. Although Skylanders Giants is an older game version in the Skylanders Universe, it is still one that is both played and has pretty good reviews since it came out a 3 years ago. If you have a local Ross Store in your area, you can occassionally find these awesome Skylander Giants Game Figures for 50% or better. They are still routinely carried in the Giants Version at your local ToysRUs if you are trying to complete a collection you started. In the Giants Version of the Game there are actually 45 Figures in total that you can collect. Included in each one of these Activision Skylanders Giants boxes is also a Trading Card that describes the level powers of each character, etc as well as Sticker Sheets and instructions. You really do score quite a bit with each one of these packages. There is also some brief instructions how to use these Gaming Figures with the Skylanders Game Portal Of Power and the electronics that are embedded in the bottom of these 5 Figures. 3 BOXED SKYLANDER GIANTS TOYS GIVEN AWAY FREE TO 1 SUPER SUBSCRIBER OF OUR CHANNEL RECOMMENDED TOYS? 1. Skylander Giants Prism Break Lightning Rod Drill Sergeant (3 Figures Total) – (Series 2)Skylanders Activision 2. Skylanders Giants Chill Figure 3. Skylanders Giants Hex Figure Doc: “Recommended Buy” on all E.L.: “Recommended Buy” on all Mr. Director: “Recommended Buy” on all PLEASE WATCH VIDEO AND SEE BELOW FOR COMPLETE GIVEAWAY RULES GIVEAWAY RULES: BY ENTERING THIS GIVEAWAY YOU AGREE TO ALL OF THE FOLLOWING RULES: 1. You MUST get permission from your parents to enter this Giveaway if you are under 18. 2. You MUST be a subscriber of the “Free Kids Toys, Games, & Gadget Giveaways” Channel. 3. IF you win, you MUST forward your address to us with your name to send you your toys. That person has 7 days to reply to us with their address to send the toys out. 4. You must type in the comments section whatever the people in the video ask you to type. this is the only way we know that you want to be entered in the giveaway. 5. A WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN WHEN THIS VIDEO REACHES THE NUMBER OF WEEKS THAT THE KIDS *****IN THE VIDEO MENTION***** ARE NECESSARY. When that number of WEEKS are reached: A) The giveaway is triggered and put into motion, B) A winner is chosen from the comments section, C) A new video may be created that announces the winner. 6. ATTENTION: For the time being, we are only sending giveaway toys, games and gadgets to the lower 48 United States of America (Continental US). 7. NEVER list your address in the comments section. Only the winner need forward their address to us AFTER we contact that individual. 8. All communication is completed through youtube private message. 9. There is never a fee to enter our giveaways nor money collected for shipping costs. All toys, etc are sent 100% for free. 10. The EXACT toys we show in the videos are the very same ones you will receive if you are the winner. If they are opened in the video and displayed, you will of course receive these toys as opened toys. 11. We take no responsibility for lost toys nor damaged toys in shipping. 12. By entering this contest you agree that you are the minimum age necessary to play with the toys received. 13. Youtube is not involved in this Giveaway WHATSOEVER and as such you hold them harmless. Additionally, KUF is under no obligation to ship toys *if* it ever were to stop as an ongoing entity. Free Toy GiveawayS (Nearly 100 Different Free Giveaways – Continental USA) View All Giveaway Videos Artist Song: Scorp & Mataio – ID Follow Mataio Music provided by Heroboard – No Copyright Music: Twitter: Soundcloud: Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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