Top 10 Nintendo DS Games | The Completionist

Top 10 Nintendo DS Games | The Completionist

Top 10 Nintendo DS Games | The Completionist

As the Nintendo Switch pushes out the other handheld devices, I want to take a look at my Top 10 Nintendo DS games.


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Dual Screens was a crazy idea back in the day when we were all young and bright-eyed. Or we’re we already old when it came out and now we’re just getting older?! Doesn’t matter because these games are near and dear to my heart when I play was playing with my Nintendo DS. These are just my top 10 DS games so feel free to tell me your own. There’s so much memories here with these old cartridges…or were they technically memory chips? Mario Kart DS, The World Ends with You, and even Pokemon Platinum which was the Pokemon game that got me back into the franchise! If you want to know the rest of my picks, you’ll have to watch the video!

Let me know what you thought about my Top 10 Nintendo DS games list, and let me know what games are on your list!

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The CompletionistPosted on6:32 pm - Dec 27, 2019

What was your favorite clever use of the dual screens?

Sabguy17Posted on6:34 pm - Dec 27, 2019

Respect for including Contra 4 on the list. That game is an absolute blast that combines the best features of Contra 1-3 and makes great use of the dual screens. It's hard as shit too, which is probably why it's so underrated. The challenge mode is awesome as well.

Leb KellerPosted on7:08 pm - Dec 27, 2019

Lol bearded child

Antonio BarbaPosted on7:54 pm - Dec 27, 2019

love your list!

KFXGPosted on8:44 pm - Dec 27, 2019

Finally, I find somebody who agrees that gen 4 Pokemon is the best! Made me happy to hear since I seem to be the only one who likes them haha. Gen 3 is a close second for me. My top 3 DS games are probably Mario Kart DS, New Super Mario Bros, and Pokemon Platinum. This is a hard system to rank games for since there are tons of great games on it.

Matthew StephensPosted on9:42 pm - Dec 27, 2019

I appreciate this video more than I thought I could. I mean… It's a list!
What I truly dig about this, is that it is really YOUR top 10.
Solid content.
I'm off to go play all the DS games I missed out on because I was too caught up being an "adult" when the system came out.

InstinctPosted on10:06 pm - Dec 27, 2019

This man doesn't have Super Mario 64 or any of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games on the top 10 list, but has TETRIS as #1… wtf are you on mate? xD

itskomotoPosted on10:08 pm - Dec 27, 2019

My Top 10:

9. Rhythm H.
8. Elite Beat Agents.
7. Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow
6. Order of Ecclesia
5. Pokemon Pearl
4. DQM Joker
3. Bowsers Inside Story
2. Pokemon Black 2
1. Chrono Trigger

egbundu jean lucPosted on10:11 pm - Dec 27, 2019

Number 1 Tetris … really😟

snuggling with depressionPosted on10:13 pm - Dec 27, 2019

Platinum is just…so freakin great. I don’t think they’ve topped it since.

Jorge Cervantes ContrerasPosted on10:57 pm - Dec 27, 2019

ypur list sucks

0xbadc0de#Posted on11:55 pm - Dec 27, 2019

custom robo arena and solatorobo red the hunter were also amazing in my opinion

Mecha YoshiPosted on12:50 am - Dec 28, 2019

Number 0;
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (yes, it was an actual thing)

JordybackPosted on1:34 am - Dec 28, 2019

I grew up in a rural part of BC, Canada where the power went out a LOT; and some of my favorite memories was after my brothers and I all ended up with our own DS, we played all the New Super Mario Bros minigames together with just the one cartridge. We'd just be sitting there in the dark in a circle yelling at each other and it was seriously so much fun! We wouldn't have to worry about running electricity like we would with consoles, and it alleviated so much boredom. Seriously good times 🙂

Danzig LaughlinPosted on2:07 am - Dec 28, 2019

When you said "bearded child" I thought of a baby with full facial hair.

deadpoolgamin 75Posted on2:27 am - Dec 28, 2019

Number 8 isn't like ddr it's more like osu

The othersidePosted on3:21 am - Dec 28, 2019

No grand theft auto Chinatown wars

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