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Top 10 WORST Video Game Consoles of All Time (Redux)


Top 10 WORST Video Game Consoles of All Time (Redux)

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And you thought the Xbox One was a bit of a clunker…Welcome to http://WatchMojo.com and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Video Game Consoles of All Time! And it’s a REDUX MOFOS. BA BOOM.

#10. LaserActive
#9. RZone
#8. Ouya
#7. HyperScan
#6. Atari Jaguar
#5. NGage
#4. Virtual Boy
#3, #2 & #1: ????

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From the look of it, the worst video game consoles of all time are a diverse bunch. You have the monsters and cult favorites that you may have either heard of or played; then you have the three-step process re-imagined into the birth of gaming. What about the time just before game consoles where everyone played Nintendo?

Take me back to before the Virtual Boy, before the NES, and before the Game & Watch. The machines were not all that great back then; the hardware was aging, the games were painful to the ears and the controls were of the non-intuitive variety. While the failure of the NES didn’t cause the current plague of video game consoles people hated, neither did the Nintendo 64, the Sega Genesis, or the PC Engine. There were no video game consoles like those three, but the manufacturers’ cash cow was just beginning to grow.

If you ask a retro gamer, they will tell you that the Virtual Boy never had a chance. It was one of the most primitive and unwieldy devices ever created. Yet, at the same time, it wasn’t much of a game for the company that brought us the Sega Genesis. Sure, the Genesis had an advantage over the VB with its more expansive library of games, but it still only had about fifty games, which was a small number by today’s standards.

For a while there, the best video game console people hated was the original PlayStation. The hardware was beautiful, the gameplay was top notch, and the games were great, but there was the problem of the discs. You had to save your games on the disc, and the discs were so expensive that people wanted them only if they needed to use them, and that meant they were rare. The real problem, though, was how the games worked on the system itself.

If you asked a group of gamers whether the Sega Genesis or the original Genesis was the better game console of all time, chances are they would have to go with the original. Why? Because that’s what made sense. Where the Genesis lacked the graphics and the controls of the Genesis CD32, the original Genesis had the CD, a faster video mode, and superior sound.

People loved the original Genesis because it was a game machine that stood up against the competition. It had every single thing you needed, from a large library of games to controller options that were custom-tailored to meet each individual gamer’s tastes. So, if you were a Genesis fan, who else was?

What about the various Game & Watch collection? The original collection didn’t do well because it was all made by the same manufacturer, NEC. That was the problem with the simple answer to the question “What video game consoles people hated?” – the simple answer, the NEC G & W series.

From there, the Nintendo Wii came out. The Wii had a controller that fits right in the palm of your hand, was lighter than any other console controller of its kind, and could play Wii Sports games as well as other games that could be purchased. This is what makes the Wii so interesting – the hardware is so well suited to the controller.

The difference between the Nintendo Wii and the original Wii is that the first system had the advantage of using the original Nintendo game cartridge, which was virtually unbreakable. The Wii, however, uses a CD-ROM, which is very fragile and does not last very long if it doesn’t get thrown through a window. Once the game cartridge is broken, the Nintendo Wii is considering a loser, because the game doesn’t work without a functioning game cartridge. If we compare the Nintendo Wii to the Sony PlayStation 2, it would seem that the PlayStation 2 is the winner of the worst video game consoles people hated. It used the original PlayStation game cartridge, which was in fact one of the best cartridges ever manufactured. The games were cool, and the software library was expansive. And, oh, it was backward compatible with the original PlayStation.

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17 thoughts on “Top 10 WORST Video Game Consoles of All Time (Redux)”

  1. FYI, the Virtual Boy, I would have ranked that #1 for the worst gaming platforms of all time. Glad I never had one and found out health concerns on that platform led to it being pulled from retailers. Of course, it would have been better to ban those consoles from being sold, even secondhand and online. Don't. Ever. Buy. The. Virtual. Boy. Ever!

  2. kasper skovbjerg

    Okay to be honest.
    I get it.

    The N-gage wasnt that good. But!
    It stil had a few well working titles, especially fifa and Tomb Raider.

    It should not be ranked below 8 tbh.

    Also the way of talking in it? Wasnt nercersary to turn it with the short end towards your ear. You could hold it like a normalt phone and people could hear you just fine.

    I personally think it is a mistake to rank it THAT low.

  3. Mudkip Legend

    Taco phone is like a Nintendo switch due to it being a hybrid. It also has 1 GBA title I know of. Sonic advance

  4. bruh drake

    Why the ouya is on this list? Ouya is a more of the biggest financial failures rather than being one of the worst game consoles.
    I dont like the ouya and it was a bad idea from a kickstarter so dont get me wrong i dont love the ouya,But the hate for it is way too much.
    What people even expected from a kickstarter in the first place? most of them fall short anyways lol(not to mention it was a console idea)

  5. NoctisApparatus

    This would be wrong. The Commodore C64GS is the worst console of all time with less then 2000 sales. It was also just a Commodore computer with no keyboard. Look it up.

  6. Conner Heise

    I thought the r zone was worse than the virtual boy, with virtual boy, it had a decent idea with decent games, just poorly executed, but the r zone played like any other tiger game, static background, images, easy to break

  7. AmazingGamingMikey 8865

    Philips CD-I isn’t worse than the virtual boy. It didn’t give children migraines until they threw up.

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