Top 10 WORST Video Game Consoles of All Time (Redux)

Top 10 WORST Video Game Consoles of All Time (Redux)

Top 10 WORST Video Game Consoles of All Time (Redux)

Top 10 WORST Video Game Consoles of All Time (Redux) Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW
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And you thought the Xbox One was a bit of a clunker…Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Video Game Consoles of All Time! And it’s a REDUX MOFOS. BA BOOM.

#10. LaserActive
#9. RZone
#8. Ouya
#7. HyperScan
#6. Atari Jaguar
#5. NGage
#4. Virtual Boy
#3, #2 & #1: ????

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Mina FoxPosted on11:26 pm - Apr 25, 2018

FYI, the Virtual Boy, I would have ranked that #1 for the worst gaming platforms of all time. Glad I never had one and found out health concerns on that platform led to it being pulled from retailers. Of course, it would have been better to ban those consoles from being sold, even secondhand and online. Don't. Ever. Buy. The. Virtual. Boy. Ever!

Cringey Sh*tPosted on11:29 pm - Apr 25, 2018

HyperScan?? More like HyperScam

kasper skovbjergPosted on12:14 am - Apr 26, 2018

Okay to be honest.
I get it.

The N-gage wasnt that good. But!
It stil had a few well working titles, especially fifa and Tomb Raider.

It should not be ranked below 8 tbh.

Also the way of talking in it? Wasnt nercersary to turn it with the short end towards your ear. You could hold it like a normalt phone and people could hear you just fine.

I personally think it is a mistake to rank it THAT low.

Flashrocket ChapmanPosted on1:13 am - Apr 26, 2018

how many Youtube Poops are there of Wand of Gamelon?

Franklin ClintonPosted on1:59 am - Apr 26, 2018

Turn on your captions. And look at 3:32

Mudkip LegendPosted on2:55 am - Apr 26, 2018

Taco phone is like a Nintendo switch due to it being a hybrid. It also has 1 GBA title I know of. Sonic advance

Claire Mc GrathPosted on3:31 am - Apr 26, 2018

Why Not add the Wireless60 And WirelessAir60 And Wireless

bruh drakePosted on3:40 am - Apr 26, 2018

Why the ouya is on this list? Ouya is a more of the biggest financial failures rather than being one of the worst game consoles.
I dont like the ouya and it was a bad idea from a kickstarter so dont get me wrong i dont love the ouya,But the hate for it is way too much.
What people even expected from a kickstarter in the first place? most of them fall short anyways lol(not to mention it was a console idea)

NoctisApparatusPosted on4:21 am - Apr 26, 2018

This would be wrong. The Commodore C64GS is the worst console of all time with less then 2000 sales. It was also just a Commodore computer with no keyboard. Look it up.

pssywagnPosted on4:52 am - Apr 26, 2018

Nintendo glove

Richard HarrisPosted on5:02 am - Apr 26, 2018

R-Zone should be number 1

Brendon John MuschampPosted on5:52 am - Apr 26, 2018

I had an N-gage, it was awesome…

8BIT ScorpionPosted on6:35 am - Apr 26, 2018

I'd say the Atari 5200, N Gage, CD-i, Atari Jaguar, and Virtual Boy are good.

The DAN ShowPosted on7:08 am - Apr 26, 2018

You forgot the 3DO

BetaMidlyPosted on7:35 am - Apr 26, 2018

I hate the CD-I. 🙁

Conner HeisePosted on7:36 am - Apr 26, 2018

I thought the r zone was worse than the virtual boy, with virtual boy, it had a decent idea with decent games, just poorly executed, but the r zone played like any other tiger game, static background, images, easy to break

AmazingGamingMikey 8865Posted on7:58 am - Apr 26, 2018

Philips CD-I isn’t worse than the virtual boy. It didn’t give children migraines until they threw up.

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