Transformers Toy News Recap – 30/09/2014


Transformers Toy News Recap – 30/09/2014

Recapping the past 7 days of Transformers Toy News! Covered in this episode: TAKARA-TOMY MP Star Saber magazine scans on Hobbybase FB. MP Star Saber images on TF YUKI Hishahi Yuki tweeted concept images Beast Wars II Galvatron. Revealed new Legendary Weapons promotion. New images published Legends Brainstorm, Swerve and Tailgate. Tweeted teaser image of Legends Arcee. Chromia & Windblade. Million Publishing GoShooter &Shouki shown at Super festival 66 TF Cloud hellwarp and Energon Ironhide figures show at Super Festival 66 Official images of TF Cloud Roadbuster revealed Products on display at 54th All Japan Model & Hobby Show: Takara-Tomy Dual Model Kit AoE Optimus Prime T-Arts Playstation Optimus & Megadrive Megatron Kotobukiya D-Style Convoy & Megatron Autobase Aichii shared images of Kotobukiyas new Z Prime figure TRANSFORMERS COLLECTORS CLUB Tweeted reveal for final Subscription Service 3.0, G2 Starscream 3rd PARTY SENTINEL In hand images of Optimus Prime pen. Thanks to Victor Wong for photos! MAKETOYS Shared lots of images of Battle Tanker series DX9 New images of Speedo & Guartinel & packaging MASTERMIND CREATIONS New images of R-08 Azalea figure posted on Falcon Hangars FB KFC New images of Overslay & Haymaker casettes. BOLD FORMS Released prototype image of Wildfire RENDERFORM New images and info on Steel Magnum & Iron Magnum heads Announced they will be making series of heads for Fansproject Code and Smart Robin PLAY WITH THIS TOO New collectible company has launched this week! WARBOTRON released prototype images of TF base TOY STAGES Officially launched product and website!


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