Unboxing: Game Prize Figures (Pt 1) Squid Girl & Oreimo

This is part one of 3 total videos… We’ll be unboxing a number of game prize figures from the recent AmiAmi hauls. One from Taito for Squid Girl, 2 from Sega for Oreimo, and 4 total figures for Lucky Star, one from Taito and 3 Ichiban Kuki Premium figures… two from what I refer to as the racing line and one from the Cosplay line. Be sure to check out all the parts for everything. Here is the Breakdown. Part 1, Squid Girl & Oreimo. Part 2, Lucky Star, Taito Station & Ichiban Kuji Premium Cosplay. Part 3, Lucky Star, Ichiban Kuji Premium racing. This video was taken by myself. Per YouTube regulations, no copyrighted video or audio was used in the production of this video.


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