Using the Wii in 2019 – Review

Using the Wii in 2019 – Review

The Nintendo Wii shook up the gaming market when it was launched in 2006, and for the first time brought motion controls to the main stream. It is one of the most iconic consoles of all time- but how does it hold up now?
Nintendo 64 in 2019 –
Using the PS3 –
Using the Xbox 360 –

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91TechPosted on8:22 pm - Dec 26, 2019

Nintendo 64 in 2019!
Before I get a million comments, yes I know the intro says "2019" lol. Decided to release this video a little early, hope you all enjoy!
Edit: For those of you in the future, are flying cars a thing yet?

Justons XB1Posted on9:03 pm - Dec 26, 2019

I always thought the wii came out in 2008 but that’s probably because that’s the year I got one for Christmas

lol _gamerPosted on9:47 pm - Dec 26, 2019

Who else remembers when everyone had one of these in their Living rooms

hannah aPosted on10:34 pm - Dec 26, 2019

i got a wii for christmas this year 🙂

MinegamerPosted on10:58 pm - Dec 26, 2019

Wtf is that creepy ass snowman? Lol

Darth NexusPosted on11:02 pm - Dec 26, 2019

Wii should be played on a CRT TV….. On that Wii games look amazing

Anonymous • 21 years agoPosted on11:46 pm - Dec 26, 2019

This must be the only person on Earth that doesn't like the Wiimote

Ecce PorfiriumPosted on12:09 am - Dec 27, 2019

If you came here to "Use the wii in 2019! thumbs down this video now, it's just a WII review… its even uploaded in 2018.. you suck, you are what is wrong with youtube man.

Ecce PorfiriumPosted on12:37 am - Dec 27, 2019

click bait, thumbs down.

NathanDrakePosted on12:57 am - Dec 27, 2019

THE WII WAS 480p lmfao thats pretty pathetic 1080p came out in 2006 and 720p came out in 1998
I rly dont remember such bad screen quality i do remember the aweful graphics tho
Like are u sure
I used to watch netflix on it how could i have been so blind 😂

NathanDrakePosted on1:46 am - Dec 27, 2019

My wiii litterally ran away i swtg
Like i hadent used it for years and then one day i felt nastalgic so i went to give it a visit and it was gone

bgm1911Posted on2:21 am - Dec 27, 2019

Wii was the most (legal) fun Ive ever had with my family (indoors). If there was an update to the hardware in 2019, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Romulo TaiPosted on2:52 am - Dec 27, 2019

Mario Kart Wii
Emergency Heroes
Game Party
Cars O Rama
And Wii Sports

Kpop PotatoPosted on3:38 am - Dec 27, 2019

Hay I have that the fully red one

Marshall DavisPosted on4:11 am - Dec 27, 2019

This is how much games came out for the Wii👇

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