3D Graphics for Game Programming

3D Graphics for Game Programming Designed for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate courses, 3D Graphics for Game Programming presents must-know information for success in interactive graphics. Assuming a minimal prerequisite understanding of vectors and matrices, it also provides sufficient mathematical background for game developers to combine their previous experience in graphics API and shader programming with the background theory of computer graphics. Well organized and logically presented, this book takes its organizational format from GPU […]

Galaxian 1979 Namco Mame Retro Arcade Games

► Galaxian 1979 Namco. Endless game. Series: 1. Galaxian 1979 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhYVcwhSWjI 2. Galaga 1981 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cq9I7OvEaFo 3. Gaplus (also known as Galaga 3) 1984 – Not yet available. 4. Galaga ’88 1987 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcQS1AeXV2w 4. Galaga ’88 (Dimension 5) 1987 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sXprxdwZhs 5. Galaxian 3 1990 – Not yet available. 6. Galaxian 3 Theatre 6 : Project Dragoon 1990 – Not yet available. 7. Galaxian 3 Theatre 6 J2 : Attack Of The Zolgear […]

Free Downloads For PSP – The PSP Secret Weapon

Free Downloads For PSP – The PSP Secret Weapon The Sony PSP, or PlayStation Portable, is the hottest portable gaming system on the market. The system has stunning three dimensional graphics and can play PSP proprietary movie discs. For many years people who owned portable gaming systems had to put up with graphics far inferior to that of television based consoles. With the Sony PSP the graphics are very high quality and you can watch […]

Game Of Thrones Scene; Video Game News

Popular Video Game

What Makes A Video Game Popular? Video games are a big business to the financial world. It is important for video games developers to constantly improve upon their existing games and to develop new ones. Companies hire Hollywood caliber graphic artists to provide Oscar winning quality graphics. Focus groups try to spot trends and preferences to target what features should be added to traditional games or incorporated into new ones. Children are often “hired” as […]

Catherine – Alternate Boxart -Xbox 360

Catherine – Alternate Boxart -Xbox 360 The Horrors of Love – Vincent’s waking fears, doubts, pressures, and growing guilt about commitment and fidelity now gleefully follow him into his dreams, manifesting as horribly disfigured monsters and a ticking clock. Between a Rock and a Soft Place – The player must navigate Vincent through heavy moral decisions. As in real life, hardly anything is black and white. The Nightmare of Your Dreams – Famed character artist […]

Toys and Video Games

Toys And Video Games: Christmas Gifts For Kids

Are Toys And Video Games The Right Christmas Gifts For Kids? It’s the age of innocence when their eyes a little brighter and their smile are full of possibilities. Their minds are being shaped by everything around them and it’s important to make sure that those surroundings are positive and promote good character traits. For the question “are toys and video games the right Christmas gift for kids?” the simple answer is yes. Creative Development Children […]

Arcade Games; Video Games And Accessories News

Online Arcades And Office Life

Office Life And Online Arcade Games There are different types of online games that fall under the categories of action, sports, adventure, and shooting. You can download free online games and play them at leisure as per your convenience. Alternately, you can be online and play action games like Sonic and Mario against several other players, compete with them, as you shoot them down, and keep scores. You can chat with them online under different […]

Nintendo Wii System; Hot Video Game News

Nintendo wii system

Nintendo wii system On April 26, 2006, Nintendo’s addition to their line up of video game system is the Nintendo Wii system, formerly codenamed “Revolution”. Nintendo had expressed “wii” represents the answer to their idea of a video game system – something that breaks down the walls between video game players and those who deem video games as uninteresting and too complicated. Nintendo on their Wii system (“wii” is read as “we”), would like to […]

What the fuck is a GameBoy video?

What if Nintendo did something like this again? Hm… I think they would at least the Powerpuff Girls Reboot. Aaaaannnddd there goes their sales. Facebook Page: facebook.com/mariotube101 Donation Page: streamtip.com/t/mariotube101


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GTA 5 Online ” MODDED MONEY LOBBY” After Patch 1.26 1.31 Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4

Access Hack: http://www.androidiosapps.info/gtavfreemoney http://www.androidiosapps.info/gtavfreemoney Link to get money: http://www.androidiosapps.info/gtavfreemoney Enjoy, Have Fun! Hello Hax! Todays video is another showcase of an AWESOME way to mod menu GTA 5 Online, safely without the worries of a ban. This is basically a giant co-op campaign mod, which allows you to show off your awesome script mods along with whatever else you want to show off, online with other players. BUT you cant get in trouble for this, […]

rent or stream out video games consoles all platforms xbox 360

www.flygamer.com U.S ONLY PLEASE THANK YOU THE PLACE 4 VIDEO CONSOLE GAMES GameFly is the place for any user who wishes to buy or rent and stream games! As a GameFly member, they can rent as many console and handheld games icluding ps3 , xbox,xbox360 ,wii,nintend and so on Also get them delivered right to their mailbox for one low monthly fee. If they like the game so much that they don’t want to send […]

Hyperspin Intro Video Nintendo Game Boy Advance

This video is a snapshot for Hyperspin ********************************************************************************************* Upto 15000 video snaps in my collection Please dont forget to subscribe ! ******************************************* ******************************************* HYPERSPIN VIDEO SNAPS: Nintendo Famicom Disk System – Video Snaps For Hyperspin https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1PXwlmbNk-pojGO_HYY38VIdgsnOqNQN Sega – Saturn – Video Snaps For Hyperspin https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1PXwlmbNk-rje89TOBaLX1LvUsvww9zz PC-Engine – TurboGrafx-16 – Video Snaps For Hyperspin https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1PXwlmbNk-oVwYn77WKPnzNPtrtqefDq Sega – Game Gear – Video Snaps For Hyperspin https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1PXwlmbNk-rFIWDJFY6jnLVj96wSkJi8 Sega – 32X – Video Snaps For Hyperspin https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1PXwlmbNk-rDugsQjmagN0HsJm3x4Zgb Sega – […]