32 Bit 4.3 Inch Handheld Game Player with joysticks Review

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tomtom sweetPosted on4:00 pm - Aug 30, 2017

can ps vital also have internet access can sony psp also have internet access can 4.3" 8GB 32Bit Portable Handheld Video Game Console Player w/10000Game Built-in also go on internet because i want one but i want the one that has a lot of built in games and can also have internet access

Thomas TeikaPosted on4:44 pm - Aug 30, 2017

Show us the games

McLovin ModsPosted on5:37 pm - Aug 30, 2017

I smell a copyright strike for playing the music so long lol. And no ads… Definite copyright strike lolz

Anthony ZarilloPosted on6:15 pm - Aug 30, 2017

will this player play PSP games

BjornPosted on6:38 pm - Aug 30, 2017

can you have more games on this

Nacho PARKOURPosted on6:38 pm - Aug 30, 2017

juegos para esa consola

Helene KutzPosted on6:55 pm - Aug 30, 2017

does it have Xbox roms?

Faisal FadzlyPosted on7:45 pm - Aug 30, 2017

how to mapping the keyboard

FaZeFrostPosted on8:04 pm - Aug 30, 2017

can you add more games? roms?

FaZeFrostPosted on8:31 pm - Aug 30, 2017

does it play playstation 1 or Nintendo 64?

Candleruz blazePosted on8:51 pm - Aug 30, 2017

I have the same

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