Classic Williams Stargate Arcade Game ! Sequel to Defender…

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hormelincPosted on3:24 pm - Feb 3, 2018

This was MUCH harder than Defender! I spent LOTS of quarters on Defender, but was very discouraged (i.e. only a few quarters) on Stargate.

Chris StoryPosted on3:29 pm - Feb 3, 2018

this is one game that gone through a name change during it run. I remember the defender II version and then they revamped it to stargate. interesting enough they reverted back to defender II when Midway release the PS2 Compilation and PS3 Compilation as well.

Eric CarringtonPosted on4:28 pm - Feb 3, 2018

you cant stay in one spot because they're picking up your humanoids and eating tgem and turning into faster humanouds

Eric CarringtonPosted on5:04 pm - Feb 3, 2018

Nice asz console!! how much are y'all asking?

The Casual GamerPosted on6:01 pm - Feb 3, 2018

I currently have one of these and it turns on but nothing pops up on the screen.

Oli MainPosted on6:13 pm - Feb 3, 2018

My dental office has this game in its arcade

Jesse ReynaPosted on6:38 pm - Feb 3, 2018

i used spend quarters galore in 711 on this game!! miss the classics.

Jesse ReynaPosted on6:50 pm - Feb 3, 2018

are these going to make a come back? or is this refurbished classic?

lucysluckydayPosted on7:06 pm - Feb 3, 2018

Stargate never had the same smooth quality gameplay feel that defender had. I got good at Stargate, but Defender just felt like it had a smoother better visual gameplay feeling. But, re stargate, there was some trick you could do with the teleporter by flipping the ship backwards as you went thru and something else so you could skip levels, but I'm a little unclear exactly on how to do it now ..

Tripper HarrisonPosted on7:45 pm - Feb 3, 2018

My favorite arcade game.great work on the restoration.i had one of these till 2008 and regrettably sold it.jeres a hint. Rescue and hold on to 4 rescued humanoids then fly into the star gate with all 4. You will warp and your score will increase greatly. This is how u get to the higher levels

Josh MedlockPosted on8:01 pm - Feb 3, 2018

I have the same one not as clean have not plugged it in cuz I don't want to fry it if anyone is interested

Trey AhzzePosted on8:40 pm - Feb 3, 2018

ah..childhood memories..and the sound effects!

ToneBone 70Posted on9:29 pm - Feb 3, 2018

I love this game…..actually got to 1 million points at one time.

Jake And CompanyPosted on9:35 pm - Feb 3, 2018

we have one and my sister broke the glass so now the screen is exposed and little bits of glass are all in the machine

Michael TownendPosted on9:50 pm - Feb 3, 2018

is it possibill to down load deffender arkade game

Michael TownendPosted on10:23 pm - Feb 3, 2018

any one selling deffender 1980 williams

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