Forza Horizon 19 Country Squire Drifting

If you like what you see, drop alike or a sub! :) PC Specs -Dell Inspiron 3542 -Intel Core i3-4005U -CPU @ 1.70 GHz -4.00 Installed Ram -64 bit operating system -x64 based processor -LINK TO COMPUTER: -Wired USB Controller: -Wired USB Mouse: -Turle Beach PLa Headset: -XBOX 360 CONSOLE GAMEPLAY -XBOX 360 Limited Edition Camouflage Remote: -XBOX 360 SLIM: -Capture Card (If you want commentaries, dont get a roxio. If you dont want Commentaries,the roxio is a cheap solution): INTRO SONG: Logic- 5AM: OUTRO SONG: Styles of Beyond ft Michael Buble- “Damn”: My goal for uploading will be -Weekdays-Forza Motorsport 4 content (speed arts, drift builds, drag builds, etc.) -Saturday: 3 or 4 Videos of a single series -Sunday: 3 or 4 Videos of a single series Have a great day!


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