Galaxian 1979 Namco Mame Retro Arcade Games


Galaxian 1979 Namco Mame Retro Arcade Games

► Galaxian 1979 Namco. Endless game.

1. Galaxian 1979 –
2. Galaga 1981 –
3. Gaplus (also known as Galaga 3) 1984 – Not yet available.
4. Galaga ’88 1987 –
4. Galaga ’88 (Dimension 5) 1987 –
5. Galaxian 3 1990 – Not yet available.
6. Galaxian 3 Theatre 6 : Project Dragoon 1990 – Not yet available.
7. Galaxian 3 Theatre 6 J2 : Attack Of The Zolgear 1994 – Not yet available.
8. Galaga – Destination Earth 2000 – Nintendo Game Boy Color, PC CD-ROM, Sony PlayStation.
9. Galaga Legions 2008 – Xbox 360, Xbox Live Arcade.

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16 thoughts on “
Galaxian 1979 Namco Mame Retro Arcade Games

  1. Ahh, so many fond memories tied to these sounds. I loved this game as a kid. But I only just paused to wonder what these weird silly space creatures are that you're shooting at here. Some kind of multi-colored, jumping jack thrust driven space toads who chuck glowing turds at a spaceship which can't overtake them, but that they can't seem to outrun either. It's really funny and strange if you think about it.

  2. I remember a similar arcade game, but unfortunately not the name, where at times there'd be a robot below your spaceship that moved from side to side and would shoot up an arrow. If it hit you, you'd loose a life.

  3. This guy loses a lot of missiles, there were times when I didn't miss a single one on a stage, not too frequent but I managed it from time to time.

  4. Hi! Was there any possible way you could rig the game so you could receive more extra credits? Thanks.

  5. I used to love this game. It was unbelievably exciting back in the day before we knew any better. Galaga was better though what with the double gun and the swerving bullets lol

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