Game Maker Studio vs Unity 5

Game Maker Studio vs Unity 5

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Checking the pros about Game Maker Studio and Unity 5. I personally like Game Maker Studio better but feel free to comment which software you use for game development!

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Torture survivorPosted on4:42 pm - Mar 31, 2018

how about construct 2 for 2d games?

Dylan SmithPosted on4:48 pm - Mar 31, 2018

Game development is not meant to be an easy process, if you're looking for a way to cheap out coding your game than I have one piece of advice for you:
Either study the fundamentals of programming, or don't develop games at all. Unity requires coding unless you're relying on assets, and game maker is cheap.
In the end, programming video games is low tier in the world of software development, so if you can't code, don't get into game development.

HisonicPosted on5:11 pm - Mar 31, 2018

We know we shouldnt compare them but we like it 🙂

ANAMIK MAJUMDARPosted on5:55 pm - Mar 31, 2018

Well, I have been using Game Maker since Game Maker 8. I was really interested in making my own games a long time ago and now, here I am making commercial games for Steam platform thanks to Game Maker: Stusio.. 🙂

COOLPORN469Posted on5:56 pm - Mar 31, 2018

game maker had layering before. It's called depth; still is. — It's been around since GML5 i believe.

JulioPosted on6:43 pm - Mar 31, 2018

Games made with Unity : put any 3d indie game here

GagePosted on7:11 pm - Mar 31, 2018


Bryce HippensteelPosted on7:15 pm - Mar 31, 2018

well guess im getting game maker studio.

codarckPosted on8:01 pm - Mar 31, 2018

i love game maker <3

K E L .L OPosted on8:35 pm - Mar 31, 2018

1:00 what game is this with a boy and alien spaceship?

457Deniz457Posted on9:44 pm - Mar 31, 2018

unity > everything else
bcs u miss TWO parts 😉
with which game engine do i get a higher chance to get a job?
and where is a great commi*unity*?
who has the best assets?


Shocked AnimatorPosted on10:14 pm - Mar 31, 2018

What about clickteam fusion 2.5…

xXGamerManXx YouPosted on11:13 pm - Mar 31, 2018

Unity is a really powerful engine and i know that. I just prefer Game maker Studio 2. Just my opinion.

Some GuyPosted on11:30 pm - Mar 31, 2018

Lmao I just got Unity ad

Studio DENISPosted on11:40 pm - Mar 31, 2018

I recommend GameMaker Studio 2 more tbh. It's perfect for a beginner and a chance that you might make a very good pixel art game like Hyper Light Drifter.

KayleeDaGamerPosted on12:20 am - Apr 1, 2018


AcPlayAccadicPosted on12:26 am - Apr 1, 2018

Unity is good and also I like it because I am here to start making 3D games. Thank you so much for this video on all the features of both unity and game maker studio This made my decision easier, Once again Thanks 🙂

Retro Gaming – Clash Of ClansPosted on1:26 am - Apr 1, 2018

on long run, definitely Unity

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