How To “Hack” The SONY Playstation Store- Free Downloads

How To “Hack” The SONY Playstation Store- Free Downloads

Get Here: This hack/glitch allows users to download content from the Playstion Store for free. In order for this to work you must: 1. Be using the PS3 that the content will be used on. 2. Then sign in to a friends PSN account who has the desired content on their PS2 3. On that account, visit the Playstation Store 4.Scroll down and click View Downloads 5. Page through your friends downloaded content until you find the desired download 6. Click the flashing arrow that is located next to the download information 7. The content should start downloading automaticly 8. Wait for the download to complete and enjoy! Note If the content doesnt function correctly after download, re-download the content and the error should be fixed.


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