How to Play Classic Video Games on New TVs

How to Play Classic Video Games on New TVs

This video will show you how to play classic video games on new TVs. In this video you will see the Atari (2600) Flashback 4 running on a 2015 Samsung 4K HDTV using an enKo Products RCA/AV to HDMI Converter. This device allows the user to take any “old fashioned” video device which outputs RCA Composite Video and connect it to one of the a newer “HDMI only” Televisions. The enKo Products RCA/AV to HDMI Converter will accurately convert the old composite video stream into a high quality modern HDMI signal and will also insert the incoming the RCA audio signal onto the outgoing HDMI data stream. The device will even convert a “left channel only” mono signal into a full dual channel audio stream. Now you can use your old school video game consoles, VCR’s, older DVD players, and camcorders with your brand new UltraHD 4K HDMI TV. I hope this video helps those who might be looking for a way to go retro-modern and keep on gaming! Please hit the like button, share this video with friends, and remember to Subscribe for more! Thanks for visiting and Keep Coming Back! Pilchuck Skookum Valley Gaming Link to RCA to HDMI Converter


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