Top 10 Best Video Game Action Figures – Toy Galaxy List Show #70

Top 10 Best Video Game Action Figures – Toy Galaxy List Show #70

On this episode Dan counts down the top 10 best video game action figures.

Win or lose, when you’re done playing video games, if you want to keep that experience going there’s a whole host of action figure companies with products to suit your needs.

We asked you which ones were the best. You voted. We counted the votes and then we put them in order.

Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, Mario from Super Mario Bros, Samus Aran from Metroid, Jason Vorhees, Kratos and Link are just some of the characters that made it onto the list.

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Paul StevensonPosted on7:06 pm - Dec 27, 2019

That Neca Batman is ugly as fuck.

GamerBearPosted on7:49 pm - Dec 27, 2019

Never that much cared about what people vote into a list, just so much stuff can muddy that up, otherwise well done and fun video.

Andrew GwilliamPosted on8:29 pm - Dec 27, 2019

Why is Batman's face blue?

scott jonesPosted on9:03 pm - Dec 27, 2019

😂 kratos just looks like he’s trying to take a non cooperative shit

KingofDragonsPosted on9:56 pm - Dec 27, 2019

How the hell did a Marvel Legends reuse repaint get a higher spot then Storm Collectibles? I guess people are salty that the MK Scorpion is hard to get. Doesn't change that fact that the Storm Scorpion is such a better figure then the ML Gamerverse Spider-Man

Anthony CarlislePosted on10:08 pm - Dec 27, 2019

I have that Link & the swords don't go into the scabbards, were bent, weak joints/fragile hand pegs, of all things the different hairs have glued on sideburns/locks that are not too easy to glue back onto main hairpiece. Mine was new and legit figma version, btw. First and last figma figure I'd get.

Model T101Posted on10:46 pm - Dec 27, 2019

This is a terrible list……

Bart RottiersPosted on10:50 pm - Dec 27, 2019

Amazing video. Love the Scorpion suit :p

somarriba333Posted on11:03 pm - Dec 27, 2019

I have Spider-man and Kratos from this list. I also have Razeal from Soulreaver. 🙂

Ravishing RupacPosted on11:23 pm - Dec 27, 2019

Herm Edwards reference = legendary. Jackass intro=sweet idea. Dan's costume= Priceless

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