20 March, 2016

Top 10 Video Game Controllers

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Game controls can be tricky to perfect, but some designs have stood the test of time. Join http:/www.WatchMojo.com as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Video Game Controllers. Subscribehttp://www.youtube.com/subscription_c… Facebookhttp://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo. Twitterhttp://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo Instagramhttp://instagram.com/watchmojo Suggestion Toolhttp://www.WatchMojo.com/suggest Channel Pagehttp://www.youtube.com/watchmojo For This list we’ll be glancing through the history of video games to find the most comfortable, practical and well-designed controllers. We’re specifically focusing on first-party controllers as such, mouse and keyboard must be omitted on the grounds that there is no first-party setup. Special Thanks to our users “Andy Roehl” “James Chase” “Project64” “Trevor Fountain” for suggesting this topic with our interactive suggestion tool at http://www.WatchMojo.com/suggest Check out the voting page here, http://watchmojo.com/suggest/Top+10+Video+Game+Controllers Want a WatchMojo cup, mug, t-shirts, pen, sticker and even a water bottle? Get them all when you order your MojoBox gift set here: http://watchmojo.com/store/ WatchMojo is a leading producer of reference online video content, covering the People, Places and Trends you care about. We update DAILY with 4-5 Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Versus clips on movies, video games, music, pop culture and more!


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