Xbox 360 Slim Kinect

Xbox 360 Slim Kinect

I only payed $20 for this thing and I thought for the most part it was gonna be a rickety piece of plastic with screw in This was not the case at all. The reason I bought this was to be able to mount it to either my TV or my wall when I need too (I move houses/change my room around a lot). This was one of the that did this within my range. Before I get any further, I’d like to make a note as far as the finish on the goes. In the picture it looks more of a flat black color. It is actually the chrome-black that the new come It also matches my TV perfectlyBonus. Anyways, What I was going to be a of cardboard-plastic was a very high quality and well-engineered of It seems as everything fits together so nicely and with very little gap and this was pretty well designed too. I’ll start with the packaging it came in from the mail and the the self comes in: The in of those yellow envelopes that is lined inside with bubble wrapehh… I opened The had a bit of crinkle in but nothing that would harm the contents of The even seemed out well was wrapped in and the with a 2 year warranty. all of the tools, pieces, and screws are in separate bags It with 3 thick, square, washers that have teeth on to lock the support in place on the (It 1 to in) The arms (Comes with 2: profile for small monitors and LED TVs and for LCD/Plasma TVs) have brass nuts built into them where the will hold it on to the bracket. I currently have it mounted on my TV which is about EXACTLY 6 feet off the ground and it has been working wonderfully. The is a very solid build I have yet used It a clip on the back the guides The wire for the sensor down to your console. The itself good pads on it along with the supports. It is VERY adjustable and the won’t slide thanks to the interlocking with the on the It clips that the in place. Oh it with a mini driver. The I complain is the length of the it with that on the They are very short. They it be easy to over-tighten and strip the or the Product reviews information price: CC Attribution:


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