Arcade Game: Stargate (1981 Williams)

A shooting game sequel to Defender.

From arcade-history website:

Stargate, also known as ‘Defender II’, will transport you to a whole new dimension in video games! Not only will the skills you learned with “Defender” be challenged and refined, but new strategies must come into play if you are to be victorious in rescuing the humanoids from the clutches of the aliens and in entering the Stargate! Your ability to react quickly and with on-target precision will be tested against the evil Yllabian Space Guppies, Dynamos, Space Hums, Firebombers and their Fireballs, Phreds, Big Reds and Munchies! If you succeed in maneuvering your ship into the Stargate, you’ll be instantly trans-located to that part of the planet where the humanoids are being abducted! To open up spectacular scoring possibilities, rescue four Humanoids, re-enter Stargate and you’ll warp 3 waves ahead in space and time, setting off dazzling special effects and racking up high points!

If you must destroy everything in your path or risk self-destruction, activate the Inviso anti-matter cloaking device and become invisible and invulnerable! Inviso time plus a new ship and a Smart Bomb are earned with every 10,000 points you score!

If all ten Humanoids in a wave are abducted, the universe will explode into smithereens, leaving deadly Mutants on the attack! Survive until Wave 5 and the universe will be restored, the humanoids safe… but you’ll be the target of an Yllabian Dog Fight! There’ll be no Landers to abduct the Humanoids, but all the other aliens will have stronger and larger forces concentrated against you! It will be an out space battle reaching the outer limits of aggression and will call up your last ounce of determination and courage!

Also known as Defender II.

Note: The game is endless, I killed myself afterwards. Invisibility and infinite smart bomb cheats where used.
Video Rating: / 5

1981 Williams Arcade Game: Stargate is the sequel of the very popular 1979 Williams Game: Operation Flashback. The game has been made available on the internet for the first time as a video game.

1981 Williams Arcade Game Stargate Review

StarGate takes place in a very familiar location. This time around, our hero finds himself lost in space, far from any Earthly civilization. A message from Earth arrives, and our man decides to go and investigate.

He lands on a space station, and is immediately taken prisoner by the Klingons, who have come to capture this mission. As his mission is being carried out, the Klingons are also being pursued by the enemy aliens.

The first mission is to find the missing man from Earth. He can be found in a control room, which is guarded by two Klingon guards. The man is rescued after he disarms the guards.

The next mission is to defeat the aliens. The first aliens you will face are the Borg, which are vicious warriors and seem to be everywhere. Then you will face the humans, who are also vicious warriors, but are less hostile than the Borg.

The aliens have weapons with which to battle, and are armed with some type of energy beam. The beam is called a “tachyon pulse.” The player must use the tachyon beam to destroy the alien ships, and their own ships in order to get to the alien ship and rescue their own.

As you play the mission, the alien ships will be destroyed, and you will also discover that there are several other alien ships as well. It’s a game that has several objectives, but all of them have a logical sequence of events.

Overall, StarGate is a great game. It is enjoyable to play, and the graphics are great. If you are looking for a classic arcade game, this is a great choice.

StarGate is a game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. If you are a fan of Star Trek, you will enjoy this game. If you are a fan of Space Invaders, you will enjoy this game. If you are a fan of any of the classic games in the genre, you will enjoy this game.

StarGate is not a game that has a lot of replay value. The graphics are not very good. The music is not very good, and the sound effects are not that great.

Overall, this game is not a very good one. It’s a good arcade game, but not one that should be played very often.

Star Gate is a popular game in arcades today, but has only recently become available for home versions. You will want to avoid StarGate on your first try if you want to get the full value of this game.

You can find StarGate online for a good price. The arcade version is available for sale on several sites. You may also find it in a bundle with two other arcade games.

You may also want to try the newer online version of the game. In addition to the game itself, there is a special “classic” version of the game that includes the full version of StarGate. There is also the option to download a copy of this game directly onto your computer. and play it there.

If you are a StarGate fan, then you will be happy to know that you have options. There is a much cheaper, older version of this game available. You can try this out if you want to get an idea of whether or not this game will be something you enjoy.

StarGate is not recommended for anyone who is not a fan of the classic Star Trek or Space Invaders games. If you have any interest in either of these games, then this game will not be for you.

StarGate is a great game to play, and the graphics are good. but this game is not a good choice if you are looking for an arcade game.

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10 thoughts on “Arcade Game: Stargate (1981 Williams)”

  1. Al Capowned

    If only you were skilled enough to get 4 humanoids and enter the stargate to warp

  2. I grew up playing this game n my lunch break from school . Is it available on Andre or iOS devices or on internet

  3. omg the person playing this game sucks at it, they lasted like 6 seconds before getting blown to smithereens, hahaha. utterly pathetic at this game. A friend of mine once played this game over 16 hours without losing a single ship, at an arcade, with a crowd of about 50 people eventually gathering to watch!! For a single quarter ( 25 cents) he played from the time the arcade opened in the morning until he had to stop because they were closing the doors at night and cleared over 2700 hundred levels while never losing a ship!! Now THAT is how you play this game. 😛

  4. psychoclownboy

    What is the fun in cheating?  I just don't understand it.   Zero skill.  Zero abilities. All cheating.

  5. John Moreno

    Stargate was one of the best game sequels I ever played. I loved Midway (Williams) games for their sound design… for its time, incredible. 🙂

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