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Classic Williams Stargate Arcade Game ! Sequel to Defender…


Happy New Year! This is Williams’ classic “Stargate” arcade game, the sequel to Defender! Such a tough game… but addictive! See all our games for sale at !
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Classic Williams is back with a new and exciting game called Star Gate: Defender of the Earth. A sequel to Defender of the Earth, the game is a new version that has a much-improved graphics and sound effects along with a large variety of options for the player to choose from.

The game is set in the distant future in which alien species called the Raksha has invaded Earth. This new version of Star Gate features a large number of aliens, each having unique characteristics and abilities. The game is also set in an environment that is very similar to the Earth we live in today. The environment is also rich with a variety of unique locations, buildings, and other things that can be interacted with in order to solve puzzles and gain the upper hand.

The game is a mixture of arcade action and puzzle solving. It features an original storyline with several different endings. Players will have to work through each level to earn the ultimate victory.

During the game, the player will have to use the various aliens to help them fight off the Raksha. The aliens will have many different abilities, and it will be up to the player to use these abilities in order to solve the puzzles and advance to the next level. When playing the game, the player will need to be aware of several elements that will help them progress through the game.

The controls for this game are very simple. The buttons are placed strategically around the game’s environment. They will be used to move the aliens around to switch between the various alien powers, and to use the various weapons found throughout the game. The players will also need to make use of the different objects around them to build up the aliens’ defenses and to gain the upper hand in the game.

When playing the game, the player will need to be careful with the way they move the aliens around. When they are fighting other enemies, the player will need to avoid using their power weapons and focus on using the other power ups available to them. The goal of the game is to protect the Earth by destroying as many alien power plants as possible.

The game will also include many levels. The player will have to work their way through them one level at a time, and at certain points, they will need to unlock a “time gate” to advance to the next level. The time gate will let the player to advance to the next level after a set amount of time has passed.

Overall, the new and improved versions of classic Williams’ Stargate are very well done. They are very similar to the original game, but they have a large variety of options for the player to choose from. In addition, they also have a great number of unique alien powers, as well as a lot of different levels to play in.

The original game had a lot of problems. For example, there was a part where the aliens were in a space station, and when the gate opened, they were on the surface of the planet and had to fight off the Raksha. At one point, the game had to be restarted and many people complained that this was a frustrating part of the game. But, with the latest version, this problem is completely eliminated, making the game very enjoyable to play.

The graphics in the game are very good. Many people will think that it is old fashioned when they play the game, but it has a very good and interesting look. Many of the different alien races have different characteristics, and the game is designed in a way that it will help the player to understand the different ways in which the different alien powers interact with each other.

The music in the game is a good one, as well. It is catchy and memorable. The music is used effectively to keep the player entertained while they play the game.

The controls in this version of the classic Williams’ Stargate arcade game are also very easy to use. The controls are simple, and they will allow the player to easily advance through the different levels in the game. The graphics and sound effects are also excellent.

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16 thoughts on “Classic Williams Stargate Arcade Game ! Sequel to Defender…”

  1. This was MUCH harder than Defender! I spent LOTS of quarters on Defender, but was very discouraged (i.e. only a few quarters) on Stargate.

  2. Chris Story

    this is one game that gone through a name change during it run. I remember the defender II version and then they revamped it to stargate. interesting enough they reverted back to defender II when Midway release the PS2 Compilation and PS3 Compilation as well.

  3. Eric Carrington

    you cant stay in one spot because they're picking up your humanoids and eating tgem and turning into faster humanouds

  4. The Casual Gamer

    I currently have one of these and it turns on but nothing pops up on the screen.

  5. lucysluckyday

    Stargate never had the same smooth quality gameplay feel that defender had. I got good at Stargate, but Defender just felt like it had a smoother better visual gameplay feeling. But, re stargate, there was some trick you could do with the teleporter by flipping the ship backwards as you went thru and something else so you could skip levels, but I'm a little unclear exactly on how to do it now ..

  6. Tripper Harrison

    My favorite arcade game.great work on the restoration.i had one of these till 2008 and regrettably sold it.jeres a hint. Rescue and hold on to 4 rescued humanoids then fly into the star gate with all 4. You will warp and your score will increase greatly. This is how u get to the higher levels

  7. Josh Medlock

    I have the same one not as clean have not plugged it in cuz I don't want to fry it if anyone is interested

  8. Jake And Company

    we have one and my sister broke the glass so now the screen is exposed and little bits of glass are all in the machine

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