Game Maker Studio And Unity 5; Vidoe Game Development Software

Game Maker Studio vs Unity 5

Checking the pros about Game Maker Studio and Unity 5. I personally like Game Maker Studio better but feel free to comment which software you use for game development!

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Ever since it was announced that Google was going to make a new game development tool, many people wondered what was Game Maker Studio? And what made this product different from Unity? Here is the answer to these questions.

Game Maker Studio vs Unity 5

It was Google’s attempt to create a program that would allow individuals to make games for their own websites. The idea behind this idea was to compete with the most popular paid online games, like Facebook, as well as free games that are on the Internet. After looking at the market, it was clear that Google’s idea would need some work and after having a prototype of their prototype they decided to offer it to the public.

The two main differences between the two types of programs is what they can do for you and how easy it is to use them for creating games. While Game Maker has not been released as of this writing, Unity has already had its release. So, it is very important to note which one you choose to use.

While Google’s plan to create an open source software was a failure, it did show that this type of software could be created and it had an opportunity to change the way games were played. The technology could allow individuals to create games by themselves using free software that anyone with a computer can use. They can create games without having to pay a professional programmer or artist to make their game.

There are many creative people who have tried to make games using this software only to realize that their games lacked the true creativity that other developers enjoy. Unity was in the game industry before Game Maker was. So, that makes Unity the better choice to choose.

The thing that many people do not realize is that the goal of the software is to create games that could not be done without the use of professionals. This is a great idea because it will allow developers to make great looking games without having to hire a team of professionals to do the work for them. For this reason, Unity is a great choice for those who do not want to hire professionals to make their games.

Unity was developed by people who love games and they knew that there was a big market for them. They wanted to create a powerful tool that would allow developers to make the games they want to make without having to hire professionals to do the work for them. The best thing about Unity is that it will allow you to create games without having to use any kind of professional graphics, programming, or art.

The advantage of using this software is that you can create games on your own without spending a lot of money on buying a license for a professionally made game. However, that is not to say that you will not get help when creating your games. You still need a computer with an internet connection, a strong processor, and the right graphics cards.

If you use Game Maker, it is not a bad idea to use Unity because the code will allow you to develop a completely unique and original game that would cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to buy. Because of this, the ability to use several types of programming languages and different type of graphics will make the game stand out. Not to mention that the amount of money you will save by not hiring professional programmers will help you become a more affordable game developer.

Now, while you will be able to use both programs to create games, they both do different things for the game. Unity offers tools that will allow you to design games, programs, and games for your website. Once you know what you want to do with the game, you can download the Unity 5 version for the game.

Once you have the game in place, you can then create a website for it where you can display it on your site. Once your game is done, you can take it anywhere on the web with you. This means that you can use it to advertise your own website, or to sell it to someone else.

There are many different reasons why you might want to use Game Maker instead of Unity. However, you can use both for the same type of game and to create a unique game that will be unique to you. The key is to have a lot of patience and practice in order to become the best game designer possible.

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20 thoughts on “Game Maker Studio vs Unity 5”

  1. Dylan Smith

    Game development is not meant to be an easy process, if you're looking for a way to cheap out coding your game than I have one piece of advice for you:
    Either study the fundamentals of programming, or don't develop games at all. Unity requires coding unless you're relying on assets, and game maker is cheap.
    In the end, programming video games is low tier in the world of software development, so if you can't code, don't get into game development.


    Well, I have been using Game Maker since Game Maker 8. I was really interested in making my own games a long time ago and now, here I am making commercial games for Steam platform thanks to Game Maker: Stusio.. 🙂

  3. COOLPORN469

    game maker had layering before. It's called depth; still is. — It's been around since GML5 i believe.

  4. 457Deniz457

    unity > everything else
    bcs u miss TWO parts 😉
    with which game engine do i get a higher chance to get a job?
    and where is a great commi*unity*?
    UNITY 😀
    who has the best assets?


  5. xXGamerManXx You

    Unity is a really powerful engine and i know that. I just prefer Game maker Studio 2. Just my opinion.

  6. Studio DENIS

    I recommend GameMaker Studio 2 more tbh. It's perfect for a beginner and a chance that you might make a very good pixel art game like Hyper Light Drifter.

  7. AcPlayAccadic

    Unity is good and also I like it because I am here to start making 3D games. Thank you so much for this video on all the features of both unity and game maker studio This made my decision easier, Once again Thanks 🙂

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